to do list

Sometime in May I wrote the longest to do list ever. It covered everything from house projects to the job search to trips we wanted to take this summer. For a while I was good at looking at it, but it became so ingrained in my mind that I didn’t feel the need to actually look at it. But over the last few weeks the heat has seeped into my brain and left me distracted. To the point that while I was sitting here this morning I thought I should write a list of the stuff that I needed to get done, completely forgetting that their is one waiting for me on my desk.  Tomorrow the boys are disappearing for the day so I have a date with a notebook, a pencil, and a laptop. In our family we call the project of our life “taking over the world” some heroes use swords or superpowers my secret weapon is this list. What’s your secret weapon/superpower?


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