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Joining Amanda this morning:

“A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.”

Dancing at the bday

At a friends 85 birthday party there was a little bit of music and some old time reels.




Someday work happens in small moments while the rest of life happens. I stole a few minutes in the middle of an epic list of errands to sit and put down some ideas I had been going over in my head all day. I find that I get a lot of “soft” work done while walking, so when I can spare the time I walk for my errands. I’m not one to put on head phones when I am walking, I like to hear the sounds of the world around me. I love how what I see relates to the noises of this city. All of it inspires me and focuses my mind.

No Just Cold, Art Too

It’s cold here in Denver, not only is it cold but it has been warm for so much of this winter that our bodies have gotten lazy to the cold. But there are certain activities that just go so well with a cold snap. No, not curling up under a cozy blanket and watching movies, this is us after all. No the cold sends us walking downtown to the Contemporary Art Museum Denver. Once we were there, and reasonably defrosted we decided to stay for the day.

Consideration I love how certain pieces attract him, how he will spend a long time looking at it, telling me his reactions and the connections he makes.

Words on the Wall For me the intersection of art and words is always so interesting, especially when the traditional boundaries of the page is ignored.

Self Portrait on a Bench Hi there! Sometimes I even make it into a picture.

Art Stretch (for mind and body) The top floor of the museum has children’s activities, I really like this arrangement because we can focus on looking at the art first and then play for a long while. Other museums mix it up which distracts from the real reason to be there. Yes children like the activities but it makes it easy for them to never really consider the art. Adults do not give children enough credit for their ability or interest in anything not dumbed down for them.

Climb On the other hand I also think that it is important to remember that children interact with the world differently than adults, play is part of understanding. So when a museum has art for children to touch and play with, not just a craft activity, it gives back to them (after they have experienced the adult parts of the museum).

Infestation Up the final ramp in the museum is a place for making. This time there were black die cut butterflies and colored circle stickers.

Black on White You could either design the butterflies themselves or make designs with them on the walls.

Just Us We ended our visit with the cafe where we played a few rounds of Set and read from our current book.

Chairs If you haven’t noticed by now I have a thing for chairs.

Autumn lends itself

Picket Shadows

I love the Jewish calendar, how the beginning of the year is in the Fall when everything is so real. January never feels right to me it’s so in the middle of things, snow on either side. But Autumn, oh Autumn how I love your dance between life and death. The violent red of ripe tomatoes, the scent of falling leaves. Nothing is in halves in Autumn. My secret is to take long walks through the city searching out stories from moments I catch glimpses of. To pause at unknown cafes to sip warm drinks and make lives for the people around me. Or to catch the October sun at our local coffee shop, running into friends.


Alley Love

Autumn is for starting things, summer has been about doing moving our bodies high up in the mountains or out on the prairie. There were endless days spent down by the river jumping into rapids (not me but K and A). The summer came with two full blown attacks of “we’re moving to ______”. Summer was about change about movement, it was hard to pin anything down but the heat.



Now that we are in these days of Autumn I am reminded of what is important, of what I have given up which need to find my way back to. I always look to this season with excitement, the barren beauty of the world, not the ostentatious greens and vibrant colors of summer but the endless mix of golds, tobaccos, umbers, and ochers.

So today we will dress in shorts, the weather report talked of 80 today……of course it is supposed to snow Thursday.