When Soon Became Now

I’ve been in school for two weeks now and the rhythm of our weeks are only starting shape. I am having to remember what it means to study and do homework, the whole act of slowing down and focusing. As I walked home in the cold on Friday evening I realized how good it feels to be stretching my mind in a new direction, one where I am actually learning completely new things. To sit down with a compass and a straight edge feels like a privileged not a chore.

To celebrate beginnings, and sunshine, we went for a hike yesterday up in Eldorado Canyon. Hikes like this are made for looking at the world around us and making plans for the future. Of course we are more cautious now than we used to be with the plans. That is okay though, our plans are ones that we can actually reach, which is in the end so much better rather than watching grand plans vanish.




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