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The title of the blog comes from a quote from Wendell Berry “There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.” Right now in my life there is a need for rooting down and finding the here of the moment. Here is both a physical place and an internal agreement with myself. What does it mean to be me? It’s a question so many Mamas forget to ask, that is the sacred place I am looking for.
But place in the more literal sense is, as always, crucial to me. This city that I live in as well as the one I grew up in are such integral parts of who I am. Everyday I watch this city I am fascinated by the people who live here and the land that it occupies, this place where the prairie meets the mountains. Some days this place is so busy and full that I am satiated by it. Others I am completely aware of just how isolated we are here, almost a sense of agoraphobia comes over me when I think of how far we are from any other city. All of it intrigues me.

As for that little bio thing people like to read:

I’m a Mama to one little boy (7), partner to a nurturing man who is sharing this journey with me, and caretaker of two cats (George and Jump). I’ve just started working again at a few different things including some writing. We’re a family in flux but we try to hold it all together with our own dance parties, river playing, rock climbing, and gardening. You know just your everyday urban family trying to keep to our philosophies and sanity.

The last part of this journey is over here at echolage

Love and Echoes,



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  1. Your pictures look like Wyoming… I was raised in Montana, myself. I miss the isolation and the mountains, as now I’m harnessed to a city, hopefully someday, they’ll let me out! 🙂

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