I’ve been blogging since 2006, this is my third blog, I look at blogs are moments, their names and feel only relevant for certain times. This blog has served me well through a really difficult time in my life. But it is time for a change. This blog was named after a Wendell Berry line, and while I still feel close to the idea it isn’t the right name for me now. Right now in my life things are about moving forward and finding successes. I feel like my roots are planted here now, but sometimes focusing on my beautiful roots can feel more like being stuck in the mud, it is time for movement and soaring. There is also a part of me that looks at the name No Unsacred Places and feels as though it is a little too spiritual for me. I’m a good agnostic Jew, a healthy dose of science and Marxism filled my childhood, so as much as I explore religion ans spirituality it will never feel like my home. So I’d like to introduce Trees in the Sidewalk there isn’t much there yet but just wait. It’s going to be a little different, a little more opinionated, a little less cute, a little more me.



to do list

Sometime in May I wrote the longest to do list ever. It covered everything from house projects to the job search to trips we wanted to take this summer. For a while I was good at looking at it, but it became so ingrained in my mind that I didn’t feel the need to actually look at it. But over the last few weeks the heat has seeped into my brain and left me distracted. To the point that while I was sitting here this morning I thought I should write a list of the stuff that I needed to get done, completely forgetting that their is one waiting for me on my desk.  Tomorrow the boys are disappearing for the day so I have a date with a notebook, a pencil, and a laptop. In our family we call the project of our life “taking over the world” some heroes use swords or superpowers my secret weapon is this list. What’s your secret weapon/superpower?