I can smell the graphite on my fingers,
the curls of wood flake and drop
I deal in lines, angles and ratio.

You fight it everyday,
leaving tears staining your face
like an old tattoo,
or scar.

Our old patterns are no longer habit,
we shed our tears and laugh
we define our space as small
finding only little pieces to hold onto.

The graphite smudges,
the sun comes in
I wonder when next we’ll see
your sculpture
the spot on the river where we swim
the old couches in the alley.

We hold onto our promises
I keep the photo of you with me
whenever I falter I see you
and remember.



What it Means

I suppose it would have been inevitable that school would take over my life, but I wasn’t expecting our business to start getting busy at the same time. This all means that I spend my life between the studio at home and the studio at school. Well that’s not completely true since Alder and I have managed to make our way through the first three and a half Harry Potters over the last five months.

We still have time for occasional adventures; cross country skiing, days by the river, museums, and of course our Sunday ritual of coffee with friends.

Tandem Skiing
Cross Country Skiing in Rock Mountain National Park (Kevin and Alder skiing tandem)

<br /> <em>Bouldering break after skiing After Skiing Bouldering

Lemons for Cake
Lemons for Cake

Lunch Habits
Forming Lunch At Home Habits

Maple Bacon Doughnuts, not to mention Apple Chutney and S’more.

Go Fish, Drink Coffee, Eat Doughnut