A List via thespunmonkey

New York Flea Market
Shannon had this on her blog (with a whole trail of wonderful woman before her) it seemed like a simple way to share in the midst of the busyness that is life right now.
I am…
making : a new dress out of an old one.
cooking : dumplings, seaweed salads, and olive oil cakes
drinking : mint tea
reading : Coming Home to Eat
wanting : a new bed
looking : at the aspen leaves in the breeze near the base of Mt Shavino
playing : Sunday morning games with A
wasting : sleep over pointless stress
sowing : motivation for others
wishing : for peace in A’s heart as he goes to school
enjoying : design classes
waiting : for the end of my classes so I can truly begin
liking : the feel of jeans and socks as the weather cools
wondering : how to move from planning to implementing
loving : time alone in the mountains
hoping : that my loves will find as much peacen the coming months
marvelling : at how my life is returning to first loves
needing : to finish reorganizing the studio
smelling : rain on pavement
wearing : long sleeves and scarves
following : Camp Creek blog; to remind me of my goals
noticing : the way A has changed so much over the summer
knowing : that if I work hard enough things will come together
thinking : of ways to soften the blow of school for A
bookmarking : residential design ideas
opening : windows after a hot few weeks and letting the breeze blow in
giggling : at cat antics
feeling : tired and inspired


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