New York part 1

Welcome to New York!

George Washington Bridge View
My River Up Close

They Insisted on lots of Pads in New York
Riverside Park Skate Park, where they insist on all the pads, insurance numbers, parent waivers, and have short hours.

Keeping you from skating
Alder: Why are there those pipes locked to the parts of the skate park?
Skate Park Attendant: To keep people from skating.

[the park is open only 5 days a week 11am to 7 pm, it was around 5 pm when this picture was taken]

On 5th Avenue Even the Dinosuars are Gold Plated
New York is truly a place of excess, they even plate their dinosaurs in gold.

Lego Clone Trooper
Visiting FAO Schwartz as a kid was a thrill, ever since it was sold the soul has gone out of it….at least there was Lego.

I know the world loves Central Park, but I grew up with it as my stomping grounds. I still come across views I’ve forgotten. The moment, the boy, the light, I know that feeling.

girls on a hill
Just right.

You forget that most cities aren’t filled with slabs of granite.

People talk of New York as a city that moves so fast, the thing they never tell you is how much time you spend waiting in New York, and it isn’t just the trains.

My Boy
After a week alone with his grandparents even waiting for a train with me could elitist a smile.


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