The boys have fled to the mountains for the weekend, leaving me alone with all my work for finals. While they are at the hot springs or playing with grandma I will be here working on finals. Not exactly how I imagined spending my Mother’s Day, but I guess it really is a gift of another sort. The house needs love and there is a tempting pile of laundry I could put away but I have been given strict instructions not too. Instead I’ll avoid my work briefly here and share a few views of home today, in the eerie quietness that pervades when they first leave.

DSC_0024 The living room has been everyone’s favorite space to hangout in lately.

His Own Decorating
Alder has started to decorate his room himself, he’s got a thing for the Eiffel Tower and Paris.

The new curtains are drawn to hide the insanely beautiful day outside.

Studio Shelves
I try to keep my view from my table pleasant, even if they are ancient ’80s metal shelving.

Keeping Me Company
There is something a little cozy about my work space.

In Progress
What I’m working on.

Finished Work
What I’ve finished.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


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