From My Seat

Lace and Light


How many times have you spent the day having a lot of great ideas but been too occupied to write them down. When you finally have a moment to sit down they all promptly vanish from your mind? That’s where I am now. But the light is coming in so perfectly through the lace (hmm I must have been here earlier this week since this picture matches what I am looking at right now. What I wonder is how do you go back and find those ideas or are they really gone? AM I destined to only have the memory of the idea or will I circle back to them. It isn’t that the whole idea is gone, but in my head I worded them so well, and I know (or don’t know) that I am missing some important details now that I have a moment to try to collect them.

The part that makes me saddest is that I even had my notebook with me but I was even too busy for that. Sigh….I’ll get over the disappointment with myself soon enough and then there will be more thoughts and ideas flowing, and being collected.


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