Change is Awesome


It’s been a while, I tend to not want to share online when my life is shifting. It hasn’t worked out before and then I have to back track. So instead I’ve been quiet, which has been killing me because so much wonderful things are going on. Let’s see Alder is in school, which is pretty much a disaster (wait this comes to a good point). But he has friends and he is learning how to read. But this whole schooling thing has really pushed us to look at what we are doing and how we can best help him, which really means get back to homeschooling. Before it was this amorphic thing we knew we wanted to homeschool but we didn’t know how to fit it all together, especially in this economy. But in the last three months the pieces have come together, we have a long journey ahead before he can come home but we have a new direction(s), real concrete ones.

First of all I am back in school, I’m going back for something I’ve always loved but never followed through with learning about. I have about a year of classes to take and then I am set with a new direction, one where there is a lot of need and one where I finally am not working with people (I love people I do but I am not who you want as your teacher or service provider, I don’t love them that much). I wouldn’t have so many courses to do except that when I got my Art degree we didn’t have any computer based courses so I have to learn all that stuff. It’s a little scary that I am going to be taking Physics, Drafting, and Architectural History all next semester (along with a computer course), but it all seems so interesting and relevant.

Second, I’m partnering with a friend who is an awesome seamstress to open (reopen) and Etsy shop The Little Red Canoe. We’ve already been at one holiday market and have another giant one tomorrow evening. It has been great partnering with someone so that we can both focus on our strengths. I get to do more of the business side while still creating and she gets to sew sew sew without having to worry if our business cards are printed or if the shop has been updated. (Oh and if anyone has some good advice on etsy banner please share I’m having a hell of a time making a nice one).

Third, Kevin is also going back to school. This has been a long slow process. A lot of mourning on his part, his dreams and the reality of our life don’t mesh, at least not at this moment. So he’s back in school returning to an earlier passion and becoming a science teacher. When I first met him he was three quarters of the way to becoming one so this isn’t something new either.

And as a forth and side note I discovered that my camera was not in fact broken I just needed to switch which eye I was focusing with. I seemed to have better vision in the other one.

So we have a busy year ahead of us, but one which is going somewhere, a place where we will be able to make our own choices once again. And it feels really good to be moving forward.

Getting to 261


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