Autumn and Artists

coffee for pumpkin

Autumn has been busy, Alder and I are in school, there are friends to see and leaves to play in. I’ve found myself wandering out without my camera a lot lately not wanting the distance between me and the moment. But it still comes with me on occasion.

Here is my response to Elise’s questions on her blog. I’ve gotten rid of categories that I don’t really pay attention to, and I’m letting some men slip in.
Who would you add, in any of the categories? What creative fields would you add?

Authors (really more a reflection of the titles currently piled around my bed):

Dara Horn

Mary Oliver

Molly Peacock (yes I’m biased here)

Michael Chabon

Wendell Berry


Bloggers (with a slant toward some that I know in real life)

Shannon Herrick

Abi Gregorio

Julie Alverez

Heather Bruggeman


Chefs (and Food Writers)

Deb Perelman

Ruth Reichl

M.F.K. Fisher

David Lebovitz


Children’s Book Authors

Susan Cooper

Sharron Draper

Nancy Farmer

Nora Olsen (yes I’m biased)


Ed Reformers (and writers) – I know, not a traditionally creative field, but…

Lori Pickert

Ron Miller

John Holt

Matthew Hern



Beatrice Caron

Sonia Delaunay

Anna Seranno


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