Autumn lends itself

Picket Shadows

I love the Jewish calendar, how the beginning of the year is in the Fall when everything is so real. January never feels right to me it’s so in the middle of things, snow on either side. But Autumn, oh Autumn how I love your dance between life and death. The violent red of ripe tomatoes, the scent of falling leaves. Nothing is in halves in Autumn. My secret is to take long walks through the city searching out stories from moments I catch glimpses of. To pause at unknown cafes to sip warm drinks and make lives for the people around me. Or to catch the October sun at our local coffee shop, running into friends.


Alley Love

Autumn is for starting things, summer has been about doing moving our bodies high up in the mountains or out on the prairie. There were endless days spent down by the river jumping into rapids (not me but K and A). The summer came with two full blown attacks of “we’re moving to ______”. Summer was about change about movement, it was hard to pin anything down but the heat.



Now that we are in these days of Autumn I am reminded of what is important, of what I have given up which need to find my way back to. I always look to this season with excitement, the barren beauty of the world, not the ostentatious greens and vibrant colors of summer but the endless mix of golds, tobaccos, umbers, and ochers.

So today we will dress in shorts, the weather report talked of 80 today……of course it is supposed to snow Thursday.


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