Politics and the Personal

Standing up for our rights


So much of the internet world seems focused on the Chik Fil A controversy. I am not going to rewrite the detail but send you to this well written post. What I do want to write about is action, what actions I choose to take and those I don’t. By now I’m sure that it’s become obvious that I am unabashedly liberal, that my life choices have come from a deeply held personal philosophy. It’s easy to loose sight of big thoughts when every day there are 1 million other things involved in life. It is easy to step back and say that a few comments on facebook or a blog is sufficient enough action. But too many times in the past year have I taken these passive paths towards my beliefs.

But as this past year has gone by I have felt more and more “suburbanized” not only in my activism but my creativity. Having a child is a good excuse not to participate, but that same child is why I must stand for what I believe. I have been lucky to come from an very liberal and accepting family, but some of my friends are not from as open of families. Some of them had to watch as “friends” spelled out hateful things on their page. It reminded me that to stay quiet is not really an option. My own sexuality has never been a secret, I married my husband for love, not because he was a man but because he was everything that makes him Kevin. I can not say why it was we found each other but we did, he could just have well been a woman, except he couldn’t be anyone other than him. None of this means my eyes are closed or that I am not moved by other people, both men and women, but it him who I choose to make my life with (hey our wedding 9th anniversary was yesterday).

I’ve side-tracked my point. My point is that when life is full that it is easy to get complacent, to talk about things in the third person rather than acting. Not only for causes but projects and even beliefs. Not actively participating in a protest is only the most visible part of this passivity, so is letting beliefs slide in terms of parenting. How many times this summer have I just been too caught up on my own chaos to remember to model the things that I believe is, or to talk to him about kindness or what ever else I know is a important? So today, though I was tired and a little spaced out I chose to step out and support something that is important to me, people’s right not to be legislated against just because of who they love.

Now it is up to me to take this further, to talk of feelings and beliefs with my son, to finish the projects I start and to begin the ones that come into my mind. It is time for me to stop living for just the next day and focus myself on the bigger picture and watch as the pieces come together.


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