A New Beginning


There are moments in your life when you need to look at everything and see the best way to share your love and life. These are the moments of tears and decision making that mix heartbreak with excitement. Mainly for us they mean immediate changes so that the rest of our lives will flow smoothly the way we want them to. It means sending Alder to school for the time being. It means me working two part time jobs. It means Kevin working and going back to school. But it means staying here in this home we love, in this city we love. It means being able to wake up in the morning and seeing a direction where someday we can follow our dreams again.



I’ll be honest I’m heartbroken that I have to give up homeschooling. But I also see how ragged we are, how little hope we’ve had of moving forward. I need a break…. we all need a break. So for now this is the direction we are going, always with an eye to when we have more freedom to decide. That’s it, that’s all no more to discuss this is how it is and now I must focus on what is not what was or what could be.
So I’ve moved over here, a fresh start for a new life. To understand the title of the blog please read the About Me page.




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